Tired Mom – When It Gets Too Much


Tired Mom – When It Gets Too Much

I’m too tired to mom today.

There, I said it. Today, I don’t want to be a mom. I am over-worked, overwhelmed, over-stressed and over touched.

(Yeah, overtouched is totally a thing. It’s when you are tired of the tiny hands roaming all over your face for god knows what reasons. It’s when you are done with carting a kid wrapped around your leg like a koala. It’s when you are done with them trying to get into your lap the moment you sit down. I am over-touched a lot.)

It’s frikkin Tuesday and I am already exhausted by school runs and making lunches and changing outfits for two kids four times a day.

I don’t want to read to them. I don’t want to build weird looking houses with Lego, and I most definitely do not want to feed Spider-Man some pasta because he is hungry. He is perpetually hungry. It’s like my son’s toy has triple his appetite.

I don’t want to think about vaccines and making sure they take their Omega 3s. I don’t want to spend two hours getting them to eat a square meal. I don’t want to bother with bedtimes and early mornings.

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I mean I mom all the time, and I think I do a half decent job at it. I keep up with school things and speech. I bake breads and granolas. I pin shit on Pinterest and sometimes do them too. I multitask like a boss. But I am tired. And it’s not the tiredness that a weekend of relaxing can fix. It’s like my brain is tired for life and won’t probably work like it used to. My body aches in places I did not even know could ache.

But how do I help myself, that’s the question? And what’s the answer? There’s no answer. Because this season too will go, sooner or later. There will be a day when I won’t have to carry two kids up flights of stairs together while praying under my breath that my legs don’t give way. There will come a time when my kids won’t cuddle up and touch my face with icky hands all day long.

And so I bear it. As do all of you tired moms. Here’s to all of us, doing all we can to keep little humans alive and happy. So hey tired mom, go treat yourself to a chocolate.


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