Teacher Trivia: Mothers vs Tuition Centres


Teacher Trivia: Mothers vs Tuition Centres

Mothers vs tuition centres; who is the better teacher?

Written by Sundeela Hassan
All views in the article below are of the writer.

Every mother is a teacher. A teacher of LIFE!
Once the child is born, the mother is both teacher and guide.
She is the primary foundation and first influence, providing the child with security ,love and education. Her authentic and intimate relationships show the child the way to trust.

Like mothers understand the importance of education in their children’s lives nobody else can do that.
Mothers know that children were made to play and learn. She knows the need to fill their minds with knowledge and their hearts with love to harvest great adults.

The nature of mothers in general is to give the best to their children and ensure that their children will have a great childhood and a bright future. A mother’s nurture her child in various aspects of life for example in moral standards, manners, formal education, social and emotional skills and even spiritual.
Here are some reasons why mother is the best teacher for her kids:

  1. Explore the world around you
    Mothers have the ability to expose the child to different sports, arts and other educational activities.
    Those kind of activities are thrilling and can inspire a young child. Mothers can take her kids to visit museums and historic site and go with specific questions in mind about the places.This is not possible if the child is having tuitions because the learning experience and the things a child get exposed to by her mother can not be achieved by him from tuition centres.
  2. Give attention to their interest
    A Child is the centre of attraction for her mother.Mothers explore the world with them, explore interests and what they like in a best possible way. Children are not all bright in the same things, when they look for something they like, they will put time into it and will get only better and will be CONFIDENT. Mothers can give them the tools and support to learn. It is normal that interests might chance from time to time, specially when they are young children. But try to show them that they need to put effort and time to learn more about what they like.
  3. Listen to the children
    Mothers always listens to the child when he comes home from school for example, they usually want to share new things they have learned. They always give time to listen and fuel those conversations and with that the child get very motivated to learn even more when the mother is genuinely interested. It is only the mother who listen to their questions and do the best answering them.The mother would never avoid her child no matter what and would never say ” not right now”or “we will talk about that later” .
  4. Make learning fun!
    Mothers can use their creativity and have fun with their child while studying.
    For example mothers always makes learning fun for her kids like when studying maths adding and subtracting popcorns, or read a book with funny voices, plant a pea or let a child make the measurements of a recipe when cooking makes the child more interested in studying.When they have pleasure learning, they will want to learn even more.

So how is the dream of educating children possible? Through mothers! Yes the mothers can do it in a best way ! They can do things with real intent, for the right reasons.
I believe mothers are more powerful than we think and they can nurture not only their own children, that are the priority, but can nurture and influence children around them as well, that need an extra help.
On contrary to that we all have observed from the last few years that the ‘Tuition Culture’ is becoming one of our country’s most recognisable cultural identities.
We often find parents especially mothers that are considering the option of tuitions for their young ones, because they have the feeling that this way the child will focus more on a particular subject.
More and more mothers are turning to brand-name tuition centres and private tutors in order to boost results of their kids.
The astonishing fact is that nearly 40% of parents have enrolled their preschoolers in tuition.
Although the concepts of tuitions are frowned upon by both the parents and teachers on different levels.The point is if you think your children are strong in studies or are disciplined and revise their schoolwork on an everyday basis, you as a mother don’t need to send them for additional coaching at a young age.
In contrast to sending your child to the tuitions, educated mothers should teach the kids at home because believe me it’s the best institution a child can find in the world.
Here are some problems for kids who are studying in the tuition centres;


  1. Source of stress
    The competitive nature of our society especially that of mothers have piled unrealistic expectations on the younger generation.
    Additional homework from tuition takes away a student’s time to rest and relax or pursue a hobby or passion. This unrealistic pressure is piled onto kids early in their childhood before they can appreciate the world around them.
    Kids becomes overworked, stressed, and lose their motivation, or even become depressed as they struggle to meet the expectations placed on them. They no longer go through holistic development and stop finding learning a joyous experience.
  2. Lack of Independence
    Children who are able to excel in life are those who are independent. If a child has to attend tuitions regularly after school then there is no time for him or her to self-study, as he or she is being spoon-fed with knowledge from their private tutors and as a result they would be deprived of the chance to be independent learners, and would greatly reduce their ability to do self-directed learning.

3) Deficiency in Problem-Solving Skills
The over reliance on tuition also give rise to a disturbing trend that is, many students suffer a deficiency in problem-solving skills, more and more students are feeling insecure and uncomfortable with solving complex problems independently. Instead, their first instinct would be to wait for their tutors to aid them to solve the problem.

4) Worthy Investment?
Tuition centres demand high tuition fees.With parents spending such exorbitant amounts on their children’s education, they would expect immediate results and improvement in their academic grades. Consequentially, kids face increased pressure to deliver results so as to appease their parents and tutors. This additional source of stress is detrimental to their growth and development.

  1. Too much work:
    The child will be having a lot of work to do. This can cause the child to become depressed. There is so much of work to the child that the child will not be able to concentrate. This is similar to what is said in the proverb that too many cooks spoil the broth. The child will not know what to learn as there are many instances where what is being said in the school is very different as to what is being said in the tuitions as the teachers in each of these places will be different. Finally, the child will become confused and this will cause the average marks that are scored to reduce, missing the whole point of the tuitions.

Child’s life is too precious to spend too many waking hours on academic stuff or with a tuition centre teacher.
If a child goes for tuition after school, that would mean spending another 2 more hours, not inclusive of the school homework and tuition homework that a child will need to do when he / she gets home including the travelling time.
Instead of this tiedious routine a child should follow, they should be allowed to enjoy their rightful childhood, doing simple things like play study at home with the aid of his mother, the teacher.
With such precious and limited time, it is really a bad decision to let tuition take away the children from mothers.
The advantage for Kids who are taught at home from their mothers that they enjoy family bonding time together along with their studies. During examination preparation period kids have to spend a couple of hours more to go through academic matters with each their mothers. Mothers give time out to their kids when they become exhausted and prefer to play board games, run in the park, laze around along anything but studying together.

Mother’s are the best teacher. They typically know their children better than anyone else, having been with them since the day they were born, and being with them every day.
Because of this, she knows the child’s individual personalities, learning styles, wants, and needs, and can give them the information they need when they need it. The mother teaches the child from the beginning how to do things like eat properly, get dressed, take care of themselves as they grow, and gives help with schoolwork.
In some parts of the world, education falls on the mother entirely.
Studying from mothers or Homeschooling has gained great popularity in some countries in the past few years, and most homeschooled children do very well academically. When this option is chosen in a family it is almost always the mother who is the teacher.
Unfortunately, there will be some mothers that aren’t good teacher, still many educated mothers can teach the kids at hone instead of sending them to tuition centres and
ensure their child is getting a good education at home.
Morhers are responsible for their child’s attitude about education and for finding a way to make the child want to learn!

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