Talk Time – Easy Ways to Build Language


Talk Time – Easy Ways to Build Language

The best activity you can do with children who have a speech delay is talk as much as possible, but without it seeming boring and bothersome. There are two very simple ways you can employ to help increase your child’s language and vocabulary.

Self Talk is when you keep on saying out loud whatever it is that you are doing, adding on to it to include feelings and any other related vocabulary.

For example: “This is milk. I’m pouring milk. Milk is in the glass now.”

Easy, right?

Similarly, Parallel Talk is when you narrate what your child is doing without interfering with his actions.

Example: “Oh wow, you are building a tower. It is a tall tower. Oh no, it fell.”

– Talk about activities that your child is interested in at that moment. If they are looking around and distracted with something else, don’t. This is a “child-directed” activity, which means you let them set the agenda.
– Self-talk for short bursts of time throughout the day – don’t self-talk constantly or you’ll just start to become background noise for your child. Again, watch your child and if they seem interested in something, talk about it!
– Don’t expect your child to repeat you. With this exercise, you’re basically pouring language into them to use later.
– Use short, quick to grasp sentences. Instead of “Right now I am washing the plate so you have a clean plate to eat in.” Try saying, “I’m washing the plate” and “Here’s a clean plate”


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Just keep it short and interesting. Use expressions and fun voices and make it an effortless part of your day! You will feel your child’s vocabulary and language growing day by day. For kids with delay, it is important to keep them exposed to auditory stimulation and language on a much frequent basis.

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