Dear Stay At Home Mom…


Dear Stay At Home Mom…

Dear STAY AT HOME MOM- your work doesn’t go unnoticed.


“How’s the job hunt going?”


“I have a full time job” she said pointing towards her kids


“No I mean a real job”


“I’m a stay at home mom and that is my most important job”


We have come to an era where stay at home moms are looked down upon. The other day I was having a conversation with my close relative over WhatsApp in which I very randomly wrote “I’m tired I’m thinking of taking a break from my job”


“What will you do then?”


“Umm I’ll be busy with the work at home. I’ll take afternoon naps with my little one, go for a morning walk, cook food…”


“Lol. Disappointing.” He wrote back.


Why disappointing? Aren’t stay at home moms also working? Yes they are. Infact they are working 24/7.


I know there are many perks to staying at home with the kids. You don’t have to dress up corporate. You don’t have to wear mascara daily. You get to spend so much more time with the kids to bond. But it’s not all rainbows and butterflies. Being with your kids 24/7 gives you no time for yourself. Not even when they sleep because you’re busy with cleaning up all the mess.


So if no one else notices, I’m here to tell you that I notice.


The heart you put in cooking different healthy dishes to get some proteins in your child’s diet.


The strength with which you wake up early in the morning just because the little one woke up from his sleep.


The laundry you fold


The floors you wipe


The clothes you iron


The jewellery box you organise


The toy drawer you set up


The tears you shed when you just can’t get a two minute break for the washroom


The showers you skip


The bottles you sterilize


The different ideas you search for at Pinterest to keep your little one busy


The plans you postpone with your friends


The phone calls you’re not able to attend because the little one wants you to play with him


So those of you who feel like Stay At Home Moms are any less, they are not. Please don’t tell them they’re work is not as important as yours. Or that they are wasting their education by not getting a job. This job does not pay us monetarily but it will definitely pay us in the long term when our kids grow up, go out in the real world living what we taught them.


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  • Zulekha

    A heart touching article for me, a stay at home mother… very well written..💖

    November 21, 2019 at 12:06 pm Reply

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