Self Care For Mothers: The Three Basics You Can Start Today


Self Care For Mothers: The Three Basics You Can Start Today

It’s amazing what a swipe of lipstick can do to improve one’s mood. And the first step to being a calm mother is being a happy, content woman; so self care for mothers is very important. Yes, life is hard and we aren’t always dealt the best cards. But we have what we have, so try to make it work to the best. Exit the pity party immediately and if others’ instagrams accounts are bringing you down, unfollow.


Being in a bad mood leads to being angry quickly. You can read more about that Here:

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and Here:

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Here are three basic tips on self care for mothers that you can start TODAY and continue without having to buy expensive products and services:


  • Reclaim yourself as a woman with interests and hobbies, as the girl you were before you became a mother. Exercise. It helps a lot. I do the Leslie walk every morning after school run and it gives me such a high. Even when my kids didn’t go to school, they used to do Leslie with me. It’s fun, try it and make it a family activity if your kids are young.


  • Something else that helps is making your kids your friends. Talk to them about how you feel, tell them your life stories, tell them your dreams and hopes for yourself, and for them. Don’t be afraid to show them your vulnerabilities. Moms are superwomen, sure. But don’t let them think that superwomen don’t have feelings and aspirations of their own. They’ll be more empathetic and you will feel much lighter too.


  • I am incredibly lazy when it comes to caring for myself, but even then I have started to make an effort to do at least one little thing that makes me happy, even if it’s just dancing to the Moana theme song with my kids. Or singing Back Street Boys off key. Do this, and then you can start making time for your hobbies.


The more content and at peace you will be yourself, the easier it will be to deal with your children’s’ occasional tantrums. You won’t take them personally nor will they frustrate you as much.




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